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A top bus safety concern for disabled people

Hello concerned PennDOT managers,

Thank you for providing this format for expressing our important road safety concerns. 

I have been living in Central Pennsylvania for two years now, after relocating here from Idaho.  Out there, I worked driving large trucks for twenty years, plus focused on aircraft safety at Horizon Air for six. In addition, I’ve worked as a newspaper opinion contributor, sometimes writing with a strong emphasis on highway safety issues.

As a disabled person, I’ve been working at Skills of Central Pennsylvania (Benner Pike) since early 2018, and am grateful for this type of productive work. From my house, I catch the bus to and from Skills most days and have made several noteworthy observations along the way.

A majority of my fellow bus passengers are also disabled and some don’t have much of a voice. I have sometimes noted safety concerns that fellow work colleagues seldom address (or maybe don’t notice), so I try to speak up for them and their eq…
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