Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday September 14, 2009 - A Day To Remember
On the evening of September 13th Doro received a phone call from Darcy Harcourt, a veterinarian technician, who joined Silent Voices a couple of months ago from the Twin Falls area.
Darcy exposed a cruelty case going on in Jerome. Five abandoned starving horses, six caged starving dogs, and one goat whose collar tore into her flesh. Aside from two old bales of hay on the premises, no other food or water were present.
Doro met Darcy at the blinking light on Hwy. 75 in the early morning. Arriving at the abandoned site, they took pictures and videos of the caged animals and the horrid unsanitary conditions these animals were enduring.
Apparently after being in Hawaii for a week, the young couple who owned these animals, decided they were going to stay in Hawaii for six months longer. So they apparently contracted someone to feed the animals but never followed up. They also had two other horses shipped to Hawaii, one was temporarily detained by customs in California due to its emaciated condition. The couple were due back in Idaho the middle of October.
Doro contacted Veterinarian Misty Rhett from Twin Falls who agreed to meet with her on the premises that afternoon. Doro then visited with Sheriff Doug McFall and Deputy Sheriff Jack Johnson who had been informed about the situation the previous Thursday and had inspected the site. She introduced herself and SILENT VOICES to four sheriffs and handed out her cards. They all agreed to meet with Dr. Misty Rhett at the site, but felt they would need to call the State Agricultural Department. Doro handed them the phone number for Inspector John Klimes, who is the State inspector for Jerome County.
At the site it was agreed that the horses needed to be seized. Doro had arranged emergency homes for all five horses. Sheriff Jack Johnson contacted the owners in Hawaii who said they would return as soon as possible. The identity of the person hired to care for the animals remains unknown so far.
Sheriff Johnson informed them that the horses were being taken to a Veterinary Hospital at the owners expense until their return. Inspector John Klimes recommended that these people needed to be prosecuted for violating the Idaho State Statutes. Four dogs were taken to temporary foster care and are looking for new homes. The two older ones are temporarily staying with the neighbors who also agreed to care for the goat until the owners are back.
SILENT VOICES RESCUE effectively cooperated and assisted in this cruelty case. Our goal is to SAVE and PROTECT the animals FIRST while the investigation is in progress. The reason why this was so effective is that all parties were present at the same time, everyone's first interest was the animal's welfare and there was no indifference.

It was not only a day to remember but hopefully a day to duplicate in the future when we all have COME TOGETHER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We accomplished what we have set out to accomplish:

To EXPOSE and change the indifference about cruelty to horses and animals.
To ENSURE and ASSIST in upholding the administration and enforcement of Idaho Codes.
To IMPLEMENT a system of immediate care for abused and starving horses.
To EMPOWER, through example, all communities who choose not to tolerate horse cruelty.
Julie Lawson

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