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Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 28 June 2008, 10:23 p.m.

Over the years I have read many articles about the ability of
the dark force to enslave souls and force them into "slave bodies"
lifetime after lifetime. I think we have all seen or read science
fiction films and/or books that talk about souls being kept in jars,
space ships, and other holders that hold them in prison until they are
punished enough or cycled back into a slave colony.

The day Tim Russert died I had a dream that was so profoundly
disturbing to me that I quickly forgot all about it...

I had the dream the day he died. I didn't remember the dream
until the next day... Saturday, the 14th.

Guraded Optimist posted some thoughts on the death of Russert in
our Lounge. It was while I was adding some comments to what G.O. had
written that I remembered the dream I had.

I had the dream about 5pm on Friday the Thirteenth, the day that
Tim Russert died. Tim had been in Rome with his wife and son. He and his
family had had a private meeting with Pope Benedict. He flew back to the
US at about the same time that Pope Benedict and President Bush were
meeting... leaving his wife and son in Italy.

He died later that morning of a sudden heart attack. A heart
attack is one of the easiest ways to get rid of someone without leaving
a trace. The substance that caused the heart attack disappears within
hours. By the time the ER doctors stop trying to revive the person and
the autopsy is conducted, there is nothing left to find.

Here is what I posted in the Lounge. I left the top part, which
was a reply to G.O. in place. G.O. comments are below mine:

Russert had a private meeting with Pope Benedict while
Benedict was here in the United States... (with 10 others from a
Catholic College that gave Russert an honerary degree) --

Russert had lobbied to be included in the meeting. Wolf
Blitzer, who grew up in Buffalo as did Russert, was also at the
meeting... Blitzer said that Russert was just like a kid waiting to see
his first movie star.

Russert was a devote Catholic and he loved Pope Benedict.

The fact that he dies today... on Friday the 13th... is so

Unless someone knew that Russert would be the one that Pope
Benedict would go to for an IMPORTANT interview...

when the time was right for B to say whatever he is going to
tell us.

I am not sure that any other interviewer could have had
the reverence for the position of Pope and the trust of the American
people that Russert had.

I was called to "nap" the afternoon that Russert died...
what I mean by that is I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to lie
down and sleep. In the past when I have had these "nap attacks",
something amazing has always happened. I have learned to heed my "nap
attacks" and lie down immediately.

I lay down and was asleep in seconds. This never happens
except when I have a "nap attack".

While I was asleep I saw the soul of Russert.


Below is what G.O. wrote that caused me to remember the dream about Tim.

He was a golden light about 5 feet high or higher... and two feet wide.

I saw him float into an old decaying tree that had fallen in a forest.

He started getting smaller and smaller until he was small enough to curl up in the rings of the tree.

The moment Tim was completely curled up in the tree and had stopped moving, the tree began to petrify.

At that moment, I knew that Tim was being "jailed" for something... and I KNEW that it was the bad guys who were jailing him. They knew that he had the ability to communicate with those of us on earth and they didn't want to take the chance that people on earth might just believe what he was telling people.

In a frantic voice I yelled at him... "No... you can't do that. You have to wake up. You have to stay with us and fight. Get out of that tree now."

At first he didn't budge. The tree kept petrifying. I knew I had to wake him up and get him out of there before he was trapped forever. I yelled at him again and again. I sounded like a shrew screeching at him. I kept this up for an indefinite amount of time.... screaming and yelling that he still had important work to do.

Finally I saw him get out of the tree and resume his full golden soul body.

For some reason I told him there were millions of people that he could influence or even work through. I told him that now he really knows the truth and he has to REPORT it from the other side.

Did I really talk to Tim Russert's soul???

As soon as it was all over, I awoke with a start... I remembered everthing completely... but for some reason... as soon as I awoke and remembered it... I forgot all about it until right now.... (Saturday, 14 June 2008, 12:04 a.m)

Added comments today... June 28, 2008:

There hasn't been one day since I had this dream that I haven't remembered it in it's entirety.

The dream was so very vivid. For the next few days I had the feeling that Tim was with me. He was devastated that he died. It was sudden. It was NOT planned. AND... it was NOT on his schedule. He had so much MORE work to do on earth!! At least those were the thoughts I was picking up from him.

During this time, I was in what I referred to as my dark night of the soul. I mentioned this "dark night of my soul" on June 20th, in this post.


I had been immersed in blackness for almost a week at the time I posted the above information. I still don't know what I was going through that made me feel so hopeless for so many days.

I am still not completely out of this black hole I am in and I still don't know if it relates to the tremendous grief Tim Russert felt at being knocked out of life when he had so much to live for.... or if it relates to my own financial problems and knowing that if a miracle doesn't happen in my life soon, that RMN and all the rest of the work I have poured my life into... may not be around.

I don't know. I think many of us are in transition right now. For some, the transition is major... for others... like me... it's about losing things that are only things... houses... credit cards... businesses. We are all going through it. Isn't it wonderful that we are all going through it together so we have each other to lean on???

One last thought... I wrote about the smell of death that I started smelling about the same time that Tim Russert died.


I do not know if the smell of death has any connection to my dream or to the black hole I have been going through. I do know that it hasn't made this time any easier for me.

Below is what G.O. wrote that caused me to remember the dream about Tim.



: We may have to wait until some of Raye's sources step forward
: and offer some hints and clues. In the meantime: 1. There
: are many ways to induce a heart attack and leave no traces.
: Many are convinced J. Edgar Hoover and many others died of
: an induced attack. During the 1970's, it became a joke that
: so many people were dying of heart attacks that the CIA
: must have killed them. Are we going back to those days?
: Again, may be too early to know.

: 2. Tim Russert was a Catholic and a Jesuit. Bush and the Pope
: were to meet at the Tower of St. John this day. Russert was
: known to Bush, and presumably to the Pope also. A message
: to both men in relation to their meeting today?

: 3. This being Friday the 13th, also 13 is a key Masonic
: number. Some have been predicting negative vibes for this
: day and for a number of days afterward.

: 4. Russert had some connection with the percolating Valerie
: Plame situation, which some of us thought might eventually
: unseat Cheney and/or Bush. Russert testified during one of
: the Plame-related trials.

: 5. Last year, when Don Imus got angry on the air about the
: medical treatment of our injured troops returning from
: Iraq, and then threatened to bring out secrets he knew
: about 9/11, the person he said that to was -- Tim Russert.

: 6. Falling cranes in Dallas and Arlington, Texas (to the
: Dallas Cowboys) the past two days seemed to be harbinger of
: assassination or death. Dallas echoes of JFK, and Arlington
: echoes of the famous DC cemetary.

: 7. Is Russert's death also a warning to other prominent
: journalists and politicians to watch their steps, or else?

: At the moment, I can't offer much else. But things aren't
: stacking up too well over here about this untimely death.

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R. M. said...

Interesting dream. I didn't know that he'd just met the pope the day before. However, Rayelon didn't say whether or not he knew that Russert was dead before he laid down. A crucial omission in my mind. Five p.m. was an hour or so after the first reports of his death. I would assume he had heard about it and that compelled him into the nap.

I love the heading on the site: UFOS, New World Order, Conspiracies, Spirituality, etc., etc....and home mortgages!

Anonymous said...

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