Friday, January 11, 2008

Another diamond found in the Gem State rough

I know that we truckers have been asked to not scavenge, anymore up at the transfer station, but nowadays there is a special bundle of joy, which is causing each of us to weigh in a little longer than usual.

Mainly, it’s a ten-week old baby girl, belonging to a young woman, who weighs all the trucks before and after they dump their loads. It appears as though the County has gone out of their way to accommodate this young woman, allowing a crib and everything else a newborn might require, inside the tiny weigh station office.

Most truckers are treating this young woman and her newborn with the utmost respect, and seeing the baby makes their day. If you inspect the drivers, as they slowly wind back down the icy Ohio Gulch road, some appear themselves to have gained refreshing newborn smiles.

It could be that the young woman does not desire any more publicity, than the open secret, which hundreds of truckers already know about. If this is the case, we certainly can respect that. However, my instinctual feeling says, that she would like to share her precious bundle of joy with the world.

It’s uplifting to see a miracle baby like this, suddenly appear in the unlikeliest of places. I wish that you, too, would share the unbridled joy this immaculate infant brings, by saying something nice about her.

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