Saturday, January 5, 2008

What makes you a True Idahoan?

Tonight while driving down Broadford road, I gained a writing prompt idea for a future Conversation League session. Simply, “What identifies you as an Idahoan” Or better “What specific things have you accomplished that help identify you as a true Idahoan?”

What got me onto this kick was someone calling himself or herself, “Slow Elk Poacher.” In response to a post I made about the need for lifesaving cell towers in the SNRA, they challenged my credibility, stating, “You sure are overly dramatic Jbanholzer. I also question if you really ever have been far back in the Sawtooths, Boulders, or White Clouds. I've been in places in California and Colorado where cell phone usage can be achieved in the backcountry, and it's a bit weird when you are at base camp, and people are yapping with others far away back in the cities. It doesn't make it a better experience, and I will silently loathe when cell phone usage is possible in the boulders, white clouds, and sawtooths.”

I had figured that there would be some responses of this nature, when I made the post. Had this person read the full thread, they would have seen that there are certain aspects of cell phone misuse, with which we both agree. As I started concocting some responses to “Slow Elk Poacher’s” challenge, I began reminiscing about several delightful Idaho experiences, which had been mostly forgotten and started becoming glad that the pointed question had now turned into a gift! The list of places where I have jumped into cold mountain lakes, been awakened by fresh meteor showers, given kids piggyback rides, smiled at bounding goats, scooped up precious heart-rocks and helped weary travelers with flat tires, now seems to taking on a life, all its own.

I think that the folks at the writing club would enjoy such a prompt and perhaps amaze themselves, once they start unearthing again some of their own ancient Idaho experiences.

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1 comment:

JBanholzer said...

Fifteen years in Idaho this week and I found myself without a bottle-opener attached to my keychain at an important time.

This is key evidence that I have slipped, when my friends needed me most, to be a true Idahoan!