Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ezra Pound Poetry Reading unlimited potential

The Express sent out a news alert today mentioning a poetry reading by High Schoolers at the Ezra Pound house. There was a phone number to call for more information and when I called, Darlene Dyer, picked up the horn. She said that the reading is set for Friday evening and then asked with sincere earnestness if I would be attending. I mentioned that Two-Skies birthday celebration would be occurring at the same time, so as much I want to, I was uncertain if I could be at two places simultaneously. Then I took advantage of the opportunity to mention our Idaho Conversation League website, edging in the fact that Sun Valley City Councilman Nils Ribi has recently added us to his blogroll. Darlene tried to look at out website, but said that her school’s “Websense” blocked it. She said that she would try again later from home.

I mentioned that if she judged our site was a suitable fit that we are actively seeking one or two contributors from the school in earnest hopes of making the site bloom more, this springtime in the Rockies.

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