Thursday, April 17, 2008

What would Zappa do?

"The education of our children is (and should be) of paramount importance to any parent (or any one who lives next to any one who is a parent…think about it: Even if you never have a child, the kids of today will be driving on your streets, living in relative proximity to you, voting, and perhaps taking care of you in your dotage in order to earn a paycheck), but the entire education system in this country seem, at the least, broken. Did you ever wonder why? Zappa did: “It pays to make the U.S. school system a crock of shit because the dumber the people are that come out, the easier it is to draft them, make them into docile consumers, or, you know, mongo employees. There are plenty of yuppies out there with absolutely nothing upstairs. Graduate airheads with PhDs and everything but they don't know anything”."

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