Monday, November 17, 2008

Haiku for Tammy's dog

Coffee Cloud Connection

It quite stunned me when

I saw your dog dash out of

The rainbow, not so

Lost in space, soaking

On the corner of West Croy &

River Street mud cakes

Reflecting puddles

Where a friend saw, you dip-ping

Ov’r united with

Slow section of the

Waterfall, which reminded

Me of my own Tinker

South’rn Belle w/ mystic

Beasts of the sea, future like

And past grasping at

Silly straws in chorus;

You see these hot dogs wag off

On great adventures

When they scent its ov’r

Almost on this sanctified

Earthly seaplane plunge

Yet quite tethered too

The vast enduring unknown

Smile from colorful

Connection was you

Ov’r backstreet clouds wisping gray

Vimana cloaked blinds

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