Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Half-thought out wars constitute horn-honking emergencies

The Raging Ferndale Grannies are a Michigan group of grandmothers who have been feverishly protesting our wars. While standing out on street corners, they hold up signs that say, “Honk if you are against the war, etc”

However, in some areas they came up against horn-honking laws, so the wise elders edited their signs to read:


Honk if

You are



This new peace-seeking missive resulted with even more people honking their horns.

Whereas attuned law enforcers say that horns should be honked for emergency purposes only, I couldn’t agree more; and what bigger emergency is there now, than what we face, with heavy cost of our troops hopelessly quagmired overseas?

Therefore, rather than being given citations for disturbing the peace, the devoted Raging Granny Ferndale protestors led by Nancy Goedert should be given commendations for promoting peacefulness, with their diligent efforts to awaken us about how we’ve been wrongly ‘war shipping’ our good mother earth.

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