Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honor Idaho film sites

With the Senate recently passing a bill, to create a fund to offer incentives to film movies and TV shows within the state, Idaho leaders could further bolster this opportunity by asking that our transportation department revisit Professor Tom Trusky's innovative "Statewide Movie Signage Proposal." Expanding our already successful Idaho Highway Historical Marker program to include tributes to films made in Idaho could be next logical step in this popular program's evolution.

To quote Professor Trusky from last year, "The tourist/publicity value of such signage is apparent—and locals might appreciate such knowledge, too, if they are unaware of their cinematic heritage. As well, given the recent interest in bringing film production to the state, such signage would not only be public acknowledgment of Idaho's considerable contribution to the film industry but also serve as a reminder to contemporary filmmakers of the Gem State possibilities."

As it stands now, every day, thousands of travelers pass directly by Highway 75's old North Fork Store, unmindful to the fact, that in her breakout performance, Marilyn Monroe starred there in "Bus Stop."

Who knows to what high level such a pioneering program might soar? Perhaps one day we will create interactive signs, offering holograms with brief clips for tourists to enjoy.

To thwart vandals, we could program Clint Eastwood's voice, to sternly announce, "Go ahead! Make my day! Because you are now being filmed by an interactive sign, commemorating Idaho films!"

Let's not miss this important bus, because by merging the information superhighway with our back road signage, Idaho could show the rest of the world how we stand on the cutting edge, as well as being capable to cut though bureaucracy, when truly original ideas like Professor Trusky's crop up, like some of the diamond blockbusters filmed in Idaho's rough.

Footnote: Last year, Professor Tom Trusky the director of the Idaho film collection, assisted Brad Nottingham and I in our successful quest for a commemoration of the filming of Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider" in Idaho. Although, the highway department did not construct a sign up by the Boulder Mountains as we had hoped, they did amend the Wood River Mines historical marker sign, north of Bellevue, to include a tribute to Mr. Eastwood's groundbreaking Idaho film.

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T.T. said...

Hey, Jim,

Good luck on this good plot! I'll pass that link on to a few friends around the state to see if it might prod somebody, somewhere....

FYI, I'm off soonly to the Land of Dreams & Despairs. The paste below should explain.


(paste follows)

The recently restored Nell Shipman film, "The Grub-Stake" (1922) (100 min., now tinted, as per original) DVD projected with live accompaniment by the Bijoux Orchestrette of Indian Valley, Idaho Introduction by Tom Trusky, Boise State University Screening courtesy of Profs. Audrey Bilger and James Morrison of Claremont/McKenna College

Shipman is the recently re-discovered Silent "Indie" writer, actor, director, editor and producer now being recognized for her humane treatment of animal actors, her reverence towards nature, and her insistence that films be shot on-location--not back lots. As well, women are the heroes in all her films--assisted by animal co-stars.
Long thought lost, "The Grub-Stake" is considered to be Shipman's magnum opus.

Mary Pickford Auditorium
Claremont McKenna College
Monday, March 31st

T.T. said...

Jim, f.y.i. (forwarded response)

Prof. Trusky;

I read with great interest your proposal to commemorate film locations in Idaho. I think it's a wonderful idea that all states should adopt. I had particular interest because I'm presently writing a book about Clint Eastwood's westerns, including Pale Rider. If it helps at all, my magazine Cinema Retro would donate any film posters or stills that might be needed to the project. In the interim, our web site reaches hundreds of thousands of readers every month. If you would like to write an article detailing your proposal, we would be happy to publish it. Please keep us apprised of your efforts.

Best regards,

Lee Pfeiffer
Cinema Retro magazine

Idaho Conversation League said...



It's great that you know the right people to contact and the fact that somebody with powerful influence in the movie industry believes that every state should adopt such a proposal and is willing to donate posters and such!

I believe that this makes two publishers now that are both working on books about Clint Eastwood Westerns. I had several correspondences with Dave over at Solo Publishing in the U.K. and sent him the revised 'Wood River Mines' photo.

I also suggested that he considering subtitling his book:

Clint Eastwood = Old West Action -since they are anagrams of each other.

Furthermore, he could design the ‘equals sign’ to resemble a smoking rifle barrel!

Dave liked the idea.

JBanholzer said...

Correction! It appears as though Dave and Lee are working in conjunction on the same book about Clint Eastwood Westerns.

Anonymous said...

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