Sunday, March 23, 2008

Idaho Mountain Express International (Tony Evans)

Here are some articles published by writers for the Mountain Express, which have found international accaim. As more of these are brought to our attention, the adminstrators of the Idaho Conversation League will gladly post these here and in a new subject index found in the left column.

Tibetan web site:

Sufi web site

Media Awareness Project

Iraqi news

Fundamentalism on Main Street

Buddhist Channel,3135,0,0,1,0

Love Affair with the Divine

Energy Bulletin .net

The Monks of Jerome Idaho

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1 comment:

JBanholzer said...

As I mentioned to Tony earlier, the Internet is no longer merely international, ever since Space Shuttle astronauts begin using it to keep in touch with Mission Control, their beloved families and even for interacting with students who have science projects aboard.

It’s easy to imagine that modern day Buzz Aldrin’s have probably already weightlessly surfed the Internet up there, to see what Michael Ames has suggested in his DVD Daze column, regarding what to watch, if you happen to be an astronomical insomniac.