Sunday, March 9, 2008


Several years ago, a friend here in Idaho, mentioned that he witnessed a much-disheveled man walking around holding hands with a little boy in the graveled area near the North Fork trailer park community.

Wondering if something was amiss, my friend took a closer inspection of the long-bearded man, and then suddenly realized that it was Tom Hanks in character for his movie Castaway and that the little boy accompanying him was Hank’s son.

Their house is a short walk from the now defunct North Fork Store.

Since there is no historical sign nearby, many passersby are unaware that the North Fork Store is the same place where Marilyn Monroe filmed her famous BUS STOP movie.

I believe that even less folks realize that the soccer ball, which Tom Hanks symbolically clung to in Castaway, in order to give him something to live for, had the same name as his wife in real life, Rita WILSON.

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